30 May 2009

weiner showdown . . .

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I went fishing at Tempe Town Lake at sunset with Rob W. We each brought along some hot dogs with which to bait catfish. We joked about which brand would get the most bites.

The result: (drum roll . . . . . )

Hebrew National hot dogs are preferred by Tempe catfish. No contest. I reeled in two of them with that brand while Rob wasn't getting any bites at all with the Oscar Mayers. As soon as he switched over to Hebrew Nationals . . . . whaddaya know . . . he caught one too!!

You can't argue with good science.



25 May 2009

quote of the day . . .

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"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

Hunter S. Thompson

14 May 2009

pésame . . .

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Sarah Marie Adames
4 Dec 1984 - 7 May 2009

It is with great sorrow that I extend my sympathy to Jim and his family. I don't understand anything about justice and I know that my arms are too short to box with God, but it just seems so unduly unjust to me, the loss of one so young and vibrant.


10 May 2009

petroglyphs . . .

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It's wrongly named Hieroglyphic Canyon. These are petroglyphs done by Hohokam people circa 1200 C.E.

An easy hike just about forty minutes east of me.


05 May 2009

cemí . . . .

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A cemí is an indigenous Taino figurine. It is a fertility symbol that also represents the island itself (Puerto Rico in this case), with a mountain ridge running down its back. I picked this one up in a little shop in Ponce on my last trip to visit my mom.



02 May 2009

quote of the day: Abraham Heschel

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The glory of a free society lies not in my consciousness of my right to be free, and my capacity to be free, but also in the realization of my fellow man's right to be free, and his capacity to be free. The issue we face is how to save man's belief in his capacity to be free. Our age may be characterized as the age of suspicion. It has become an axiom that the shortest way to the understanding of man is to suspect his motives. This seems to be the contemporary version of the Golden Rule: Suspect thy neighbor as thyself. Suspicion breeds suspicion. It creates a chain reaction. Honesty is not necessarily an anachronism.

Abraham Heschel
Between God and Man: An Interpretation of Judaism
p. 251

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