23 June 2006

Hieroglyph Canyon

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Hiked this trail yesterday. Fantastic place.

Ancient petroglyphs depicting longhorn sheep, which must have inhabited the area at some point.

14 June 2006


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Frisell at the Rhythm Room 13 Jun 06

An inspiring couple of sets by this master of American music. Hard to explain the feeling. A few years ago I was listening to Garrison Keillor's show one Sunday in which Randy Newman performed. After his song, before leaving the soundstage, Garrison shook his hand and, going back to the microphone, said something like, "I feel kinda like I just shook Cole Porter's hand". That's something like the feeling I have, kinda like having been there at the Five Spot in 59 watching Monk and Coltrane trading choruses.

It's good to be alive.

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