10 May 2009

petroglyphs . . .

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It's wrongly named Hieroglyphic Canyon. These are petroglyphs done by Hohokam people circa 1200 C.E.

An easy hike just about forty minutes east of me.



  1. So cool, and beautiful images. Do you ever wish you could meet the people who created those images? Or have a photograph of them making them? History always creates a yearning in me to be able to go back and see it first hand.

  2. Thanks. Yeah . . . I especially like to let my mind wander at the many abandoned ruins scattered around the state. Hohokam cliff dwellings are mystical places to sit and ponder at.

  3. Visited Montezuma's Castle (is that the right name?) in AZ a number of years back. The cliff dwellings are surreal, yes, mystical. I was mesmerized by the irrigation trench cut in the rock by the Anasazi, perfect vertical sides, water flowing through it still. Beautiful.


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