28 June 2009

the Tübingen School and the Dutch Radicals online . . .

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After finishing Conzelmann, I started reading up on the Tübingen School and the subsequent Dutch Radicals that took the former's ideas to their ultimate natural implications, namely, casting doubt on the authenticity of not only the pastoral epistles, but also of the hallowed "seven genuine letters" of Paul. Even the big four letters (i.e. 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, & Romans), Van Manen, Loman and their colleagues concluded, are not articles from the mid first century apostle to the gentiles, to whom they have been attributed since the catholization of "orthodoxy" in the mid to late second century.

There's a treasure trove of articles on the subject over at Robert Price's wonderful Journal of Higher Criticism. Anyone interested in this stuff should go check it out.

They are really very well researched and well argued essays. I highly recommend them.

I find what they say convincing; I've been ruminating on these and expect to write a few thoughts on this topic soon.




  1. Dear Quixie,

    Came accross your page from a blog search RSS that I use in my reader software that seeks for new bloggers on certain key words. I am someone interested in the study of Early Christian history. I am not a supernaturalist, but study the subject as history, as naturalistic history if you have to attach some philosophical world view tag.

    I find the study sometimes difficult because there is some much information posted by supernaturalists, promoting or defending traditional Church dogma or tradition views, that it is often difficult to find what I consider good historical information because of the sheer volume of noise to filter out.

    When I find someone like youself, I ask if there there is any information that you can help me with. Optimally web sites, blogs, web forums, people's names, or free collections of PDFs or similiar files that I can seek out from the comfort of my own home. Don't me wrong, I love books. But most of the really good works on the subjects are not often found at my local public library, and order books from Amazon and such can get expensive.

    Ideally, others like me that collect files of interest and share them with others are just the kind of people that I hope to me. We can talk to each other via email or forums, and can share our files, and encourage each other.

    So if there are any groups, people, sites, etc... that you can think of I would appreciate it if you would keep me in mind, and pop me off an email, the address of which you can find from my site.

    And thanks for your time. I have added your blog into my RSS reader software, and will begin to follow your writings.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET

  2. The fact that none of the links listed in the above post actually works any longer is testament to the ephemeral nature of the kind of internet linking you ask about.
    I'm not much for the diligence of forums, but I sometimes express, here, questions that occur to me as I study the subject. Feel free to comment or ask or suggest things to me as well.


  3. Hey Quixie,

    Yeah, I noticed that, and I understand. That is one reason I try to gather docs as PDF or save good html when I find it. I am starting to build a wiki that I hope will be not just useful to me, but will allow me to share the docs with others as I accumulate them. Wish me luck. Right now I have the wiki working nicely, but as looking to add a feature that will allow me to display all the PDFs I have so people can download them without me having to convert them to something else to get them in my wiki.

    We all have our little projects.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET


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