20 January 2009

dancing on Inauguration Day . . .

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Today was the Jones/Gogh ninth cycle sextet clinic.

I thought we would do something bluesy . . . gospely . But When I got there, I got the urge to lay this tune on the guys. It's a tune from Rubén Blades' seminal Mundo recording. Ted has played it with me a handful of times; Dowell once. The rest had not heard it before and were reading from the chart I concocted for it, reacting to my playing of the Celtic melody line on the cuatro.
We did it twice, once at about 12:30 pm . . . and then at about 5:30 pm
The afternoon session has a looser feel. Dowell began playing it as a second-line beat (a distinctly "New Orleans" convention) and we all just kinda fell into the groove.

Primogenio (morning)
"La piel es pura geografía
El alma en cambio es el proyecto universal
Sangre del mundo que nos guia
Del primogenio ser la fuente original

El camino lo abre Elegguá . . . "

Primogenio (afternoon)

Live @ CRAS 20 January 2009
(Gilbert campus)
  • Chris Gogh - piano and organ
  • Mario Mendivil - electric bass
  • Dowell Davis - battery
  • Billy Abdo - electric guitar
  • Theo Belledin - soprano sax
  • me - cuatro puertorriqueño & vox

(Five extra points if you catch the James Brown - "Funky President" reference at the end.)




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