29 February 2008

speaking of exclusics/ecumenics

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Over at the Princeton multimedia archive, there's a good program with Krista Tippett, host of the NPR show "Speaking of Faith", who reads from her book of the same title. I thought I'd share this here as it touches on some of the things that recent postings on faith and/or science also have.

I like this sentence from her:
"We can construct factual accounts and systems from DNA, Gross National Product, legal code, but they don't begin to tell us how to order our astonishment."
I object somewhat to her lumping economics and politics and science together as though they were equivalent. Science is quite apart from those other two. Science demands a level of predictability in experimentation which I would venture to say would disqualify those two conjectural and unpredictable enterprises as "sciences."

Still, just as on her radio show, I like the way she can engage people, both religious and secular, in conversation about this gap/interface between the religious and the mundane without setting them up as rivals.

Good stuff.
I particularly liked the comments and questions from the panel following her reading.




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  1. It is available via the Princeton University podcast on iTuens as well. I have been listening to it this week.


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