27 February 2008

extra-canonical addendum

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By request, here's the right side of the chart. When I went back to do this section, I realized that I had misread the color key for the previous chart, which I fixed. (note: these changes involve primarily the Johannine letters, so it has no bearing on the focus of my argument - Hebrews).

The main thing to be gleaned from this one is the fact that Hermas' canonicity is undisputed by Irenaeus. Also noteworthy (it surprised me) is just how many canonical books even Eusebius disputed.

Once again - the legend:

Accepted as canonical.
Author accepts, others dispute.
Author disputes.
Authoritative but not canonical.


  1. And thank you very much for the addition.

  2. I just looked at the Muratorian fragment and I can't find any mention of the epistle of Barnabas. Where are you getting that?

  3. Eric:
    You're absolutely right. In translating the chart from sketch to gif, I inadvertently made yet another blunder.
    Just as the previous post's chart needed a final edit, so did this one. Sorry.
    (It's particularly embarrassing because I sometimes do some editing work— ;P )
    When I wrote the bit about Barnabas, I should have noticed that bit of light blue was way off base, but I was just looking at vertical slices of the chart, trying to see the patterns there, and it escaped me.

    I've corrected it.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    Good looking out.


  4. . . . and just pretend that the chart reads, "Barnabas" instead of "Barbabas", please

    you ever have one of those weeks?



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