04 January 2008

Who published the New Testament?

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William Arnal over at the Christian Origins group called my attention to a couple of articles from the current issue of Free Inquiry magazine that are worth the reading.

  • Religious Belief and the Logic of Historical Inquiry - by Van A. Harvey
    This a very good article comparing and contrasting the ways in which our chosen hermeneutics determines our outlook on the function of scripture.
  • Who Published the New Testament? - by David Trobisch
    I haven't read this one yet, but Mr. Arnal gives away the ending, revealing Polycarp as the proposed final editor. This theory is not new to me, I first encountered it a few months back during a brief email exchange with Bob Price regarding "Luke/Acts".
    What is widely accepted as two-volume "Lukan" set was originally the work of two distinct authors, later harmonized and redacted into a single narrative by a single editor (Polycarp). Price refered me to the works of John Knox, Joe Tyson, Richard I Purvo and Mikeal Parsons and also to a forthcoming book by Stephen (Gunther) Huller which has pretty much convinced him of the proposition that Polycarp was not only the editor of Luke, but of John as well, and that his purpose in doing so was to counter the growing Marcionite influence. Sounds like Trobisch is onto this now too.

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