06 January 2008

Piazzolla and rain . . .

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In the course of doing some house chores and suchlike, I've been listening to a disc called "Astor Piazzolla y su noneto", recorded live in Rome on 17 April, 1972.

This is simply some amazing, fearlessly executed chamber music. It's fascinating to see how Piazzolla arrived at his own brand of brilliant corners independently of Monk (whom it sort of reminds me of). In them I hear uses of harmony which would feel just as comfortable in a jazz or even a rock setting all these years later.

It's so beautiful that I just had to mention it.



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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM


    i was listening to the spanish guitarist vicente amigo today, album "poeta", which starts with words (spoken by miguel bosé): "quiero volver a aquellos días de mi infancia junto al mar de Cádiz..." and i thought of you...and the mountains in puerto rico...where i never have been, yet.

    i miss your voice.

    -fish called s-

    una sonrisa profunda


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