11 March 2006

the year it didn't rain . . .

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. . . and thus ends the longest stretch of consecutive days without rain in recorded Phoenix history (143 days). It's been raining for about 24 hours straight now. The smell of it coming was amazing. This is the only place I know where people go outside to greet the rain.

I've been working all day long on an arrangement of Tonada de Luna Llena for live performance with my available think horses. I'm using Caetano Veloso's version as my model (it's on Fina Estampa, a gorgeous album in which he sings every song in Spanish that my friend Satu turned me on to some years back). I'm stretching phrases here and there and incorporating batá into it (Eleguá willing - winks). I can't wait to lay it on Ted and Adam. It'll be a powerful piece if we can pull it off.

In response to a request from Tim of the north country, it's my pleasure to sing another innocence mission tune into this condenser mike for y'all.


Mac The Life



  1. angeldorkII3:47 PM

    I'm singing in the rain....! ( (whistles ;-")

  2. Hey you still have a copy of the When Mac Was Swimming cover you did by chance?

  3. Do you mean that you did a live cover of When Mac Was Swimming live on KCRW?? That would be amazing.

    If so, do you have a way of digitizing a mp3 again of that track?


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