03 March 2006

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After a lengthy debate with Rob's dad last night, I've come to the opinion that Karl Rove really needs to get off my beloved Earth. If McCain uses him for his campaign, I don't know if I can forgive him for doing so, especially in light of the treatment he got from the Rove and Bulsh gang in 2000. I'd be okay with him otherwise (which is not to say I will vote for him; he already blew it with me by resigning himself to being dubya's bitch then, all in the name of realpolitik - cash me out, please!).

Incidentally, I am in love with the student body that walked out of their high school in protest of the suspension of a teacher who dared to make comparisons between Bulsh and Hitler. Over a hundred students walked out. Makes me want to cry with hope . . . almost.



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  1. Umm.. McCain is just as political as the rest of them. He caves into their pressure. Even after being hated for takeing donations from... gay people. I know.. sounds awful. But, he came crawling back to the republican party.


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