15 September 2008

a proposition for those who won't vote ...

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I've heard a couple of people say that they won't vote in the presidential election this time around.

If for whatever reason (anger, disillusionment, apathy) this is you, I'd like to propose the following solution.

If you are reading this then you are on a computer and have access to the internet, which means that you have access to millions and millions of people around the world. We all have had occasion to interact online with people from remote parts of the world. Friends, colleagues, religious fellowships. Surely we all have some person whom we like and trust to some degree and whose friendship we value. 

My challenge to you, if you insist on not casting a vote this November, is simply this:

Choose a single non-american you trust and/or love (and possibly whom you haven't discussed the issue with yet, though this need not be a prerequisite—I'm just brainstorming here ;) and give your vote to that person. In other words, ask the person you choose who they would vote for if they could vote.  Then resign yourself to voting on their behalf. That way, no American is given two votes. 
Or perhaps you can give your vote to your American son or daughter who is not yet old enough to vote. Or perhaps to a former convict who has lost his right by a court mandate. 

You get the idea. 
Find someone who doesn't currently have a voting privilege and give THEM the power to influence the immediate future of history, albeit in some miniscule, seemingly insignificant way. They will appreciate the opportunity. There are people in the world who would kill or die for the right to vote for the powers that be.
It matters to them, even if it might not to you.
Ultimately, giving your vote to a trusted soul is infinitely better than cynically choosing to not vote at all. 
Don't you think?

Please consider it.




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