18 August 2008

who the heck is J.P.Holding ...

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. . . and why does he hate me?

I was googling, trying to reference an essay that I had written some time ago, when I came across a man named J.P. Holding's very brief comment about my essay. It was a year ago, but I only today just saw it:

Another stupid Skeptic repeats the same old canards about the resurrection.

That was his post in its entirety.

Now, I don't know who this guy is, but you would think that he would have some reason for thinking my essay "stupid". Right?

So I re-read what I had written then (read it here) and though I would probably rephrase a sentence or two for the sake of clarity, I think the piece is a pretty good response to Craig's kind of apologetic rhetoric, and I'd be glad to defend it against Mr. Holding or anyone else who might want to demonstrate where I strayed into "stupid" territory in it. I'm certainly not above correction, after all.

All I have to go by is Mr Holding's choice of words:

  1. stupid
  2. canard

A canard implies that I'm deliberately trying to mislead people. Hmm. Does he think I have some stake in the outcome of a refutation of a demonstrably thin argument like Craig's "Four Irrefutable Fact" theorem? Why he would attribute malicious intent to me is a little disturbing.

Anyway, he never engaged any of the points I raised in my 5,000 word essay.

It is simply all just "stupid old canards".

It's cute. I'm once again reminded that all vitriolic rhetoric (every instance) reflects more the speaker . . . than the subject of the rancor.

Every time.

And if I may say . . .
What a strange person!

Does anyone know if this Holding guy has any kind of prestige in apologetic cliques (in which case, Gosh help apologetics) . . . or is he just an isolated curmudgeon militant case?




  1. When someone uses ad hominem like that, it means they have no intellectual ground to stand on with the issue.

  2. Josh McDowell6:21 PM

    The so-called "JP Holding" is actually Robert Turkel, a former prison librarian turned full-time internet apologist after being laid off. He has no relevant qualifications. His website is


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