23 June 2008

the Antichrist, eh? (lemming logic)

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Leaflet pasted on to a wall in San Fransico's Chinatown district.

I came back from California to read some blogs in which a very curious Américan phenomenon is described.
It seems that some less-than-conscious people are building up an email campaign in which they are proclaiming Obama to be the "Antichrist." They are warning people that Senator Obama is the beast described in the Bible and are urging people to fight the dark side (no pun intended, I assure you).

I am a bit puzzled by this, as you might have imagined.

The second coming of Jesus that these godly email missionaries are so keen on is a good thing—right?
It's to be welcomed, no?
Wasn't it even predicted*** in the Apocalypse of John the Divine?
*** it has puzzled me for quite a while that people have taken an apocalyptic text (not the only one) and stripped it of its zeitgeist relevance (i.e. Roman rule, Jewish Revolts), stripped it of its genre, and then transformed it into some kind of a grotesque tour of future world catastrophes. This does tremendous injustice to the work and ensures a very limited and erroneous understanding of the text's genre, in my opinion, but this fact does not seem to bother the purveyors of these clairvoyant interpretations of this particular text, I guess.

Anyway, the irony is delicious.
Do they want Jesus to return or not?

If "yes" then these very same people, instead of putting out nastygrams filled with paranoid speculations, should be doing all they can to support Senator Obama or else run the risk of actually hindering the second coming of the Lord. Or if their lofty ideals prevent them from actually volunteering and campaigning for a Democrat (oy vey!), at the very least they should vote for him. Think about it. I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want God's wrath coming down upon me just because I was too righteously vain and politically proud to welcome his second coming.
No siree Bob.


What will those who voted to postpone His return do, then?

They got some 'splaining to do.


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