03 August 2007

cuadro de Cynthia K

Posted by at 8:54 PM

My friend Cynthia painted this. I think she was going for the old mexican film poster look from the 40s. Love the face.

01 August 2007

cuadro de la cena

Posted by at 3:27 PM

I saw this painting of the last supper inside a Methodist church in Fountain Hills. The place is called The Fountains. It's kinda like a minimalist Dalí infusion. I don't know who the artist is. I'll try to find out. I was there for a discussion group, in case anyone may wonder what a heathen might be doing in a church.


p.s. I think the figure on the right (is it Judas?) kinda spoils it if you focus your eye there . . . luckily, the figure doesn't contrast against the yellow background enough to detract too much from the overall panoramic feel.

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