17 May 2007

(sung) . . . . fishing . . . . with Rob

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Spent the last four days camping out on the eastern shore of the Baja Peninsula. About 15 miles south of the little village of Puertecitos. Hauling a boat trailer through treacherous ungraded dirt trails is frigging hard work.

This is a 3 lb spinster wrasse . . . a fish with a particularly lovely color scheme.

The beach at Nachos Bay.

The three kites I brought along.


  1. absolutely lovely....beautiful sky...the coast line looks wonderful. i am happy for you. (not for the poor fish, though)

    a big smile

  2. laurita11:24 PM

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful Photos, too bad the sea lion didn't show up again.
    I am SO glad you're back!


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