11 November 2006

give a hoot . . .

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I am very pleased with the outcome of the election. The system corrects itself just as the founding fathers designed it to
and intended it to
(lest we rend it in two).

A bone to pick, though:
As I drive around in my day, I see that no one has taken the responsibility or the trouble to take down all the placards and signs and banners still festooning the streets.

If you put up signs, go take them down. I mean, wasn't that you just a week ago ranting about personal responsibility and ethical conduct?
(and don't forget to recycle)



1 comment:

  1. TiEmmeS12:54 AM

    LOL! Seriously! I was going to say something to the people who STILL have not taken down those horrid, blow up, Xmas lawn decorations until I noticed, there are still a few signs up from the political campaigns in November. C'mon!


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