25 January 2006

Phoenix Creative Music Movement

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I went down to Modified to see Theo Bleckmann (voice & accessories) and John Hollenbeck (drums and accessories) perform a weirdly cool tapestry of sound as a duo. They are on tour with Meredith Monk (she's playing Gammage on Saturday, pity that I have to work). I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't expecting freeform art music. It approached conventional music at points, but for the most part the rhythms employed were not pulsing ostinato figures so much but the ebb and flow of architectural forms. I liked the seamless way that moods blended into each another using only the voice, an effects unit, some children's toys, and a live drummer. Bleckmann has a knack for looping his versatile voice in harmonically interesting ways, now Celtic, now chaos, now child-like nursery rhyme. I dug it.
Ted and Jen were there. Emerson, Adam C, Chris from WC, Cynthia's friend Renee,
My old friend Al appeared out of the blue today, so he was there too. Says he's headed for Hawaii for a while to learn organic farming. He didn't quite like the performance as much as I did, but he's more into jam band stuff, so what does he know? It's okay, though; I love him anyway.


p.s. Impeach Bush now.

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