10 October 2005

Phoenix Creative Music Movement

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Wicked Children plays jazz interpretations of the music of Radiohead
@ Modified Arts
(2nd Street and Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix)

This Thursday, October 13th I will be taking part as featured singer in a performance by Wicked Children, a jazz nonet led by Adam Roberts that plays some beautifully rich arrangements and reharmonizations of various Radiohead tunes.
We go on about 8:00 . . .

This concert is part of the Phoenix Creative Music Movement, a continuing series of concerts promoting original work by the local jazz and classical and assorted esoterica communities. My own performance of the Thinkhorse Revue in December will be part of this same series. . . . stay tuned . . .




  1. tiemmes6:06 PM

    Hey, how did the gig go?

    I am really curious which comes first... music or olive oil? ;]



  2. It was less than delightful, actually, a fact due, mostly, to bad sound reinforcement by a punk rock youth who probably had only heard about saxophones in tales of old.

    A most regrettable gig in all. :p

    This Thursday, the same group will kick ass (the museum has killer folks at the controls - how lovely)

    (Walks away into the sunset, emotively singing . . . .
    "I'm a survivor . . i'm a survivor . . . i'm a survivor . . . ")


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