24 May 2005

blacksheep choir - water music

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For archival purposes, here are the liner note credits to the unreleased blacksheep choir recording.

blacksheep choir:
theo belledin - saxophones
ebbert m. gepner ii - drums and percussion
john moore - bass (except where noted)
r. león santiago - voice, guitars, cuatro, percussion

1 - heathens - (5:15)
rob fix - bass
peter venti - keys
karen waltuch - viola
6 - (let) X=X - (4:06)
kate russo - violin
karen waltuch - viola
anne bell - flute
2 - spike & the slydog (américan roulette)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - (4:29)
peter venti - piano
karen waltuch - viola
7 - reach - (4:36) *
chant peck & scott nowak engineered
ethan newman - bass
peter venti - piano &

3 - man in the water (building a fire) - (3:45)
darell colton - bass
peter venti - keys
8 - the river - (6:17)
peter venti - keys
karen waltuch - viola
paul evans - oboe
4 - on a rainy day - (2:59) *
chant peck & scott nowak engineered
rob fix - bass
dan biederman - piano & wurlitzer
ted belledin - rhodes

9 - summerland - (4:41)
peter venti keys
karen waltuch - viola

5 - the mark of cain (4:55) *
chant peck & scott nowak engineered
darell colton - bass
chris gough - organ
león, ted & chant - noises
10 - magdalen blue - (5:56)
darell colton - bass
peter venti - keys
karen waltuch - Viola

all songs:
words and music by r. león santiago
© 2003

produced by blacksheep choir & chant peck
recorded at MCC, Mesa, AZ with some sessions * at
the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences,
mixed by chant & león



  1. oo, i like your layout with the dots and such. =)

    yeah, i took really mediocre pictures i took and spruced them up with photoshop *^^* thanks for visiting!

  2. I like the monochromatic tones of your cover page. its orange.;)

  3. Would love to hear this, seems interesting! Possible? Googling did not help.

  4. TiEmmeS3:00 PM

    I walked out to the mailbox this morning, dreading the trek because of the insufferable desert heat even at mid morning. I open the mailbox to find a brown package from Arizona. Could it be? Could it really be?

    I rush back in side, the girls still eating breakfast at the table and singing their ABC's. I ripped open the package a little too vigorously; the card has a slight tear in the corner now that was not there before, I am sure. I place my hand inside and hope...

    As I grasp the contents and whisk them from the envelope, there is the blacksheep. Oh, the CD I have been waiting for. Gingerly this time, I open my treasure and set it into the kitchen CD player, sit back with my espresso and wait...


    Oh León, it is simply enchanting. The girls and I dance all morning long until they could no longer, and I carried them to their bed for a dream day.

    On our long afternoon car ride, I brought you with us, as I have done with the few mp3 of yours that I have. It was like returning to the dream of blue turtles, only better. All of my problems melted away as I drove, lost in your songs, memorizing line after line. Road rage... not today.

    And of course, you, as giving as you are, sent me another present that I so did not expect, yet cherish immensly, and guard jealously.

    Thank you, sweet soul. Thank you for sharing yourself, and thank you for allowing me to call you friend. I am blessed to have you and your captivating music in my life.

    Yours within the Spirit,



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