24 April 2005


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I managed to somehow pick up a nasty virus which caused my computer to crash, forcing me to reformat the main drive and thus lose everything on it.

I'll never understand why people feel the need to mess with other people's stuff/space. But I suppose that if I understood such things, I'd probably be a psycho too, so it's just as well.

I have this theory:

You know how they say that virtue is its own reward?
Well . . . I believe that the inverse is also true . . . namely, that wretchedness is its own punishment. At least I hope so. This is where faith comes in, I guess.

Nothing to do but dust myself off and keep walking on.



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  1. heart_born2float (ash)11:26 PM

    well ..well..what a coincidence , my laptop crashed last saturday...although i wasnt intending to use it or bring it along with me on a job mission last saturday but it sure made my work pretty much difficult. My guess was that when i started using blue tooth technology,things werent that secure anymore, even transferring datas from IR are never reliable especially
    if you are not familiar with the host.
    anyway, technology isn't that bad at all...but it has its own advantages.
    i would not have imagine how the world would be if the geeks haven't internet the world.


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