16 March 2021

Thank you, Tio Maelo, the uncle I hardly knew ...

Posted by at 6:57 PM
I have been in love with Rickie Lee Jones since I was twelve. It was summer. I was a "fresh-off-the-boat" jíbaro immigrant kid ...

07 August 2018

Science, Culture & Frankestein (a post-post modern Prometheus)

Posted by at 7:11 PM
It’s tempting to think of science and culture as parallel tracks supporting the train of humanity as it chugs along toward the future. Bu...

05 July 2017

Religion, Science & All That Jazz

Posted by at 10:23 PM
. Though there was reportedly not a cloud in sight, rumor has it that a thunderclap rang out in New York City at the moment of Charlie ...

05 March 2017

Even the "Good" Ones Are Rotten

Posted by at 9:58 PM
On September 9th, speaking at the LGBT for Hillary Gala in New York City, Hillary Clinton made the now-infamous remark: “You know, t...

20 August 2015

The Sermon on the Mount - A Brief Review

Posted by at 10:06 AM
Facebook is very often used as a personal soapbox. I am alternately fascinated and perplexed by the psychological projections that social...

02 April 2015

Richard Carrier coming to Phoenix ...

Posted by at 1:38 AM
Dr. Carrier will be discussing his new book On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt. Where: Arizona ...

25 March 2015

On Islam (pt. 2 — My Own Private Jahiliyyah)

Posted by at 5:05 PM
Whoever was not familiar with Islam's foundational story in August of 2001, was almost certainly familiar with it by October. The gi...
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